Secret Space Program and Alien Federation Conference Delegate Whistle Blower


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Dear Friends,

You may all find this new video more than interesting. The Avalon member featured is someone we ask you all to keep very anonymous, for the moment, even if you feel you may possibly know who this is. Most of this information has NOT been published or posted here on Project Avalon before.

Here is the YouTube descriptive text:

This is the first interview with a certain member of the Project Avalon Forum, who for the moment wishes to remain anonymous — maybe for reasons that will become obvious as you watch this extraordinary video.

This is a man who has personal hands-on experience in military remote viewing as a child, interdimensional portal travel, travel in advanced spacecraft, and attendance of large-scale meetings with ETs in which human representatives played only a minor role.

He has knowledge of the role of Artificial Intelligence, the threat posted by ET 'trojan horse' AI infiltration, what some of the small 'Gray' beings really are, and of past 'Breakaway Civilizations' that existed here before us, preceding the current one on Planet Earth.

This is a fascinating conversation, which was recorded when Christine, one of the Project Avalon moderators, twice visited him at his home in September/October 2014.

It's really not so much an interview, but a very natural, informally flowing conversation, recorded in two parts separated by a week. Project Avalon and Project Camelot founder Bill Ryan, who also knows this man, makes a few comments in between the two parts of the conversation, and also at the very end. He considers this information at a level with with some of the most significant that Project Avalon or Project Camelot has ever released.


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This initial "Interview" conducted for Project Avalon (Bill Ryan) Was Never Intended to be Released to the Public and was not at all the correct format/environment for the recording.I was speaking about this info for the first time and my Wife and Child were in the room. My Wife had heard most of these details but many were new and I was nervous to how she would respond on top of being nervous of releasing some of this content for the first time. We should have done this in a "Private Setting" with a Q and A Format instead of the "Discussion". However, it did get some of the information out for the first time. After the "Thread" was created it seemed like a somewhat "Planned" quest for me to come forward was then implemented... I was spoken to and basically told I had to come out in the open to clarify issues and "Answer the Many Questions" coming up just like in the "Simon Thread". Since THEN the information has expanded in the Q and A section of the Forum where I have answered 100's of Q's of scientific and other natures.


NOTE: This ended up putting me in contact with a Very Well Known and Respected Researcher who Spent MANY hours on the Phone and Skype "Vetting Me" through their other Sources and they have been shocked and excited to offer to come forward supporting me as "The Real Deal" and "Fully Vetted". It was an exhaustive process but one well worth the effort. If I ask him he is willing to reveal his name and his support form my information and my integrity as a true "Whistle Blower" with accurate details, verified by his own deep and active resources.
Much more data/information can be found below especially at the first link.======= THREADS FROM AVALON FORUM == NOTE: I am NO LONGER AFFILITED WITH PROJECT AVALON== I am working closely with "Another Well Known Researcher at Divinecosmos Com with further Journal and "Other" revelations of information on the Current Status of the Secret Earth Government Global Economic War and the Secret Space Program "Shadow Civil War" over the technologies and resources that will make the Global Financial System "Obsolete".
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