Possible New 20 & Back Whistleblower

Former US Marine, US Army, Seattle Police and SWAT team could be another "20 & Back" Whistleblower

admin    16 Oct 2017


ALERT: Possible new 20 & Back whistleblower!

His experience includes: Former US Marine, US Army, Seattle Police and SWAT team as well as security work for the United Nations.

I first heard of Michael Christopher Gerloff just before Contact in the Desert. He was present, but I was unable to meet him at that time.

We asked him to attend our event, Eclipse of Disclosure, as a guest to get to know him and his information a little better.

I was also able to introduce him to Jay Weidner at the event. Jay invited him to come out and watch us shoot a few episodes of “Cosmic Disclosure”. (I should be personally interviewing him on the show when he is ready.)

On the last evening that Michael was in Boulder, he came and spent 6 or so hours at the Bed and Breakfast that Roger and I were staying at. We got to know him fairly well during this meeting. We went over all of his testimony as well as his incredible amount of documentation.

I personally have three sources verifying all of this documentation as well as some information that was not documented.

There are a few things that I want to iron out about his testimony and past, but I am cautiously optimistic that Gerloff’s information is true and accurate.

Gerloff has provided his documentation to Gaia TV as well as Richard Dolan. I also sent his information to L. M. Howe and made an introduction per Gerloff’s request.

Michael Salla has spent quite a lot of time vetting Gerloff and looking into his documentation. Dr. Salla recently interviewed Gerloff while he was visiting him in Hawaii.

Please view and share this video on social media as much as possible. Please watch this first interview of Gerloff and make up your own mind.

Thank You,
Corey Goode

An article and links to Michael Perloff's documents can be found on Dr. Salla's website at Exopolitics.org.

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