Transcript of Corey Goode on Caravan To Midnight Episode 359

Interview August 27th, 2015

Corey Goode    27 Aug 2015
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Intro: This is Caravan To Midnight the John B Wells program. Here is John B...

John: looking at the webpage on the Welcome page, it is stated here, with all of the events occurring above and below. There is a lot of information, disinformation and competing agendas, that are all competing for fertile places in our consciousness, to plant their seeds. Some people have been chosen to focus on the more down to Earth events, and the battles over the financial dept system (Babylonian Money Magic Slave System), financial resets, financial jubilee and gifted money to the masses, and prosperity settlements. There is an element of what we call the Alliance that is fighting the current and controlling elite, known as the cabal or illuminati by other names, down here on Earth at this very moment. This website focuses on the message that was delivered by the Blue Avians one of 5 Beings, the Orb Beings, the Blue Avians, the Golden Triangle Headed Beings, and two others that have not revealed themselves to us yet. The Orb beings have been visiting many tens of thousands of people in the form of Blue Indigo balls of light. While others have been visited by the Blue Avians and given a greeting phrase to know one another by. We have been seeing a lot of these Blue/Indigo Orbs, kinda, seems like their following us around. Hey Corey Goode welcome to the program it's good to have you here, Thanks for making the time for us. This is gonna be, I predict an extraordinary conversation. How are ya.

Corey: I'm doing well, Thank you for the invitation.

John: You're what they call a whistleblower, aren't you?

Corey: Ah indeed, Yes, I've been a whistleblower now on The Secret Space Program, and also the Crimes Against Humanity, that the, what we call in the programs call the Secret Earth Government and their Syndicates. We, ah, a lot of people refer to them as the cabal or the illuminati, but we take the mystique out of it, we call them what they are Syndicates, they're Criminals.

John: You know it's interesting, there's something called The Black List with um, James Spader, and he goes around.

Corey: I've heard of it

John: Yeah, delivering payback, it's one of the few network shows, it's kind of appealing, he's a little bit of a bobble head, he kinda moves his head a lot when he talks, other then that, he's great that's his style. With Bogart it was his cigarettes and his voice, right, but the point is, he has been referring to the cabal for a long time, and that one of the season finales, he had summoned together a group of the finest independent journalists out there, and said if you take this job, you're putting everything you have, and everything you're ever gonna have, so to speak, your lives, on the line. But here is the List, go get 'em, and he wants to bring down the cabal. So we've heard about the illuminati, we've heard about the cabal is kinda of a recent name for them. But it's a good one. Who are these guys Corey? I mean they're not the faces that we ever see, are they, I mean like, never, they like don't go to bilderberg do they?

Corey: Some of them do

John: Do they?

Corey: Yeah, some, a few, most of these people, are people that run the people that go to these bilderberg meetings, and ah, they're 2 or 3 or 4 positions removed from the puppets that we vote for.

John: Yep

Corey: So, um, these are not, if names, if there is ever at full disclosure that, the names begin to come out, ah people are not going to recognize the names, names are not going to be Rockerfeller and this kind of thing. These people are further down, um, the totem pole, than most would think.

John: Alright then, look, um, when we start talking about subjects like this, ah, I mean just in complete fairness to you, it's like, this is either a really crazy guy who's got an advanced case of Walter Mitty syndrome or this is pretty scary stuff for some people. And I'm gonna go with the latter former because I can't imagine, I see you, I spoke to you a few minutes before we got going here, and um, I don't read crazy on you at all. Not a bit.

Corey: Right, and..

John Unless you are really crazy, you know enough to get past my sensors, or this is the real thing, and I am thinking that it is.

Corey: And to be fair, you know, everyone should use their personal discernment, with not only anything that I'm saying, but, there are so many gurus and whistleblowers and people delivering information right now, a lot of it conflicting, it's a very confusing time, and um, you know, and indeed this field as you know does attract a lot of people that are schizophrenic and do unfortunately have sociological issues, so you know, people, it is why, people being sceptical and wanting to really hear more before they buy into it, shows wisdom and discernment, and I applaud that.

John: Well, ah, I tell you what if you have a structured, a structured method of presentation of what you want to tell us, then I will just roll with you, otherwise you may be subjected to random questions, in fact I'll fire off off one random question. Recently

Corey: Yeah, random, go ahead

John: You go ahead sorry, I cut you off

Corey: I was going to say, probably random questions is probably the best way to go, most of the information, I have put out there for all to see, and, I'm here to answer your questions so

John: I appreciate that

Corey: So, fire away

John: Well is it MILAB or we call it MELAB

Corey: I have heard it pronounced both

John: ok

Corey: but, it's MILAB, really, because it stands for Military Abduction

John: And this is a real thing, this is not bravo sierra, this stuff is real, this does happen.

Corey: Absolutely, and it, there, it's become a catch phrase, catch all phrase, many of the people out there they just associate MILAB to equals Super Soldier which is a very narrow band, narrow way of looking at the, overall MILAB, issue.
You know there is MILAB there is REAB, the re-abduction, which is done by Military, it's a MILAB thing. Where they re-abduct people who are abducted by extraterrestrials, for numbers of reasons, you know to to find out why that extraterrestrials are interested in them.
Physical tests, biological tests, sociological tests, all sorts of tests on them.
Some people that are "MILAB'd" quote, end quote, are one time MILAB'd, sometimes they are MILAB'd for a period of time, and then there are the MILAB's who are MILAB'd over a long period of their lives, starting back in early childhood because they are a part of a, one of Many Black Ops training programs, and ah, one of which, you know, one of which is the Super Soldier program.
And the Super Soldier program, I've seen some of those guys, and that has been built up to a lot more than it really is.
These people aren't super human, as a lot of people put out, but the MILAB umbrella covers a lot more than most people understand.

John: Ok, and when you talk about a Black Op, you're talking about something that's unsanctioned by any Government department, there's no paper trail, it's being run by people effectively outside the Government or any Government oversight or anything, it's like talk about the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions, the secretary doesn't need to disavow anything he doesn't know about your actions, is that pretty close?

Corey: yeah, right, yeah, you're pretty spot on. There are some elected officials that know, about this, but these elected officials are also compromised in other ways, ah, in intelligence programs and but very few in what we know of as the legitimate(chuckle). Well I wouldn't say legitimate, the Government, structure that we know of, have any idea, of what's going on, in this aspect.

John: Understood, now, you were recruited when you were 6. How did that happen? Once they did that, did they pick you up and whisk you away, I mean do your parents have anything to say about it, do they take you for a little bit, start the process and take you back home, when you're supposed to be at school, I mean, how does that happen, how does that work?

Corey: Well, I was, initially, I had popped up on their radar, somehow, and I had some memories and experiences when I was younger then that, but they were not MILAB related they were somewhat kind of abduction related. Ah but they (sigh), I was so young. When I got into public schools, and, when I got into public schools they had an opportunity to use standardize testing, to start to identify people like myself and other types of people, that would pop up as little blips, or anomalies in these tests, and they would either keep their eye on these people, or further test them. And if they popped up as a large enough anomaly, and I um, I almost immediately, they came in and actually asked my parents permission to do further testing on me. And the testing was like one on one, like a counselling type testing, and they would ask me questions with a pencil, ask me to draw things, they would do the Rorschak kinds of tests. And then they used the cards that you have probably seen on Ghostbusters, to where um, they ask you to, you know, guess is there a star on the cards

John: Wavy lines, a star, a cross, all that stuff, a circle

Corey: Yeah, that precognitive kinds of tests, and then they would identify what they would consider your talents, once you popped up, and on, on these anomalies, on these standardize tests.

John: Alright, and now do you remember what your ah, remember what your, ok well, now what do your parents have to say about this? Did the Military come to them and just say, don't say anything or you're gonna disappear, we need to use your kid, or what?

Corey: No, I've ah (sigh), I haven't directly, and I've got a feeling that this is coming up because this is, I initially wanted to be, a ah, completely anonymous whistleblower about all of this, but some researchers made an executive decision to out me(sigh) and the rest is history. Since then, you know, I've done some test questions with my family to see if they knew, what was going on, they do remember and know about the testing, but, it does seem that they had nothing to do with, or knew about, the, the MILAB program. They didn't understand, that sometimes, 2 days a week I was being put in a white van and driven from, where I was in North Texas to Carswell Airforce base and other locations, being taken off campus, from school, so, they seem to be innocent, had nothing to do with, or do not know about these things. And, my family are very conservative Christians, and, I quite honestly, when this all gets to a point, to where they fully hear about(chuckle), the full breath of it, I have joked around with David Wilcock, I fully expect us to be invited over to the house, and, my family to be there for an intervention with the local, our, the pastor of the church and a psychiatrist, with everybody looking very concerned

John: Yeah, because you're seeing aliens and orbs and such

Corey: Yes

John: Got ya

Corey: Yeah so, they're a very conservative Christian family, and so this is going to be something a little bit beyond their paradigm, and belief system and reality bubble.

John: Now I don't mean to harp on this, it just goes to the creditable of the witness your honor, um, like the school didn't sing out, that you were being taken a couple days a week, in the van, or, how did that work? Did they just tell them he's coming with us.

Corey: No, I was part of what they called a Stars Program and these other programs for special children

John: yeah

Corey: That's a buzz word, that will pop up, so, they knew, the school absolutely knew I was being taken away, they had separated me from the rest of my friends, and I was in special classes with other kids, who some of them were also being taken from school, and a lot of my other friends, especially, this happened going all the way, you know, up through junior high, and part of high school, and my friends, would ask me, "why are you in this other class, why are you getting in a white van, and leaving, what's going on?". And so, my friends knew it was going on, but, no one knew the scope of what was actually going on, once we got in these white vans, and these vans left.

John: And, what were they able to, ah, how did they convince you to keep quiet about all of this for so long?

Corey: Well, at the end of each training session or testing session, what they were doing is, they were, there were a combination of threats and blank slating, and, they would basically try to erase your memory, and give you a screen memory, of what you had done, like give you a screen memory of going to a museum or something like that.

John: So replace your true memory with a false one.

Corey: Right, and that, it works very well for most people, but, I was identified as an intuitive empath, and if of course if you're empathic, that means you feel other people's emotions very strongly, and if you're intuitive, I guess that's self explanatory, you have a very strong intuition, and usually you're graded on a sliding scale of intuitive empath, of how much intuitive to empath you are, and the children that were intuitive empath, they had a very difficult time blank slating, because we were more in touch with our higher-self, and I guess you would say light-body. You know how people are, they have memories of past lives?

John: Sure

Corey: How could they possibly have a memory of a past life, how could you have a cellular memory of another life, well that memory is in your soul, in your light body, it's not in your cellular, and they were using technology and chemicals to erase those chemical memories and to play with those chemical memories. And they could not effect the, the memories that's are a part of the larger you. And the 3-5% people that they could not effectively blank slate were intuitive empaths. In every case.

John: Now forgive me if my questions are too invasive, ah, undiplomatic, or uncool, but um, no weird abuse, or any of that, no, no pedophilia, no crazy like that, not on that level?

Corey: No, that didn't happen with me, that did happen in, I have heard, that's happened in some of the programs. Ah, I've heard some very disturbing things, especially some of the Super, Super Soldier programs, and some of the personality metamorph programs and some of these other programs, they would abuse people to cause them to have a psychotic skisms. And the MILAB's what would happen is, they were investing quite a lot in these children. They planned on, when you got to the age between 16-18 years old they were going to draft you, either, into either the Secret Space program, some of the Military Black Ops programs, or some of these, what they call, illuminati-type programs. And even, you know, the people are raised in illuminati families, they're subjected to a lot of the stuff that your're talking about. Any whistleblower that has come out of these illuminati, any creditable illuminati whistleblower has told of these extreme things you are talking about. But that did happen in some of these other programs. But it didn't happen to me. They did put me in a lot of virtual reality and a lot of weird situations like, they had a virtual reality program, that they would not only train you, but they would put you in situations to see, to check for moral turpitude, ah, to see what you were willing to do, are you willing to kill a puppy, or are you willing to partake in a horrible situation, and if you were unwilling to do that, then, then they marked that down and shuffled you into, they knew where to shuffle you, in the programs.

John: I see, now the big question I guess, at this point is, for what purpose was this program developed and implemented?

Corey: Yeah, I just think I answered that a little bit, into it, they invested quite a bit of training, and, they invested a lot in these subjects for later use to draft you into a larger program. Such as The Secret Space Program, a lot of these Military Black Ops programs and Secret Earth Government Syndicates, such as illuminati and..

John: Well, this, this presumes, there a presumption then that(sigh), that these people that are running these programs came upon the, I mean, are they part of the development of these, illuminati cabal-type, you know, Earth Government with a cross over into, I don't know, galactic Government, did they discover this, let's say, after, 1947 or does this go back a long time before then, and this is just the modern version of what they have been doing all along?

Corey: The, this I think branched out from what these Secret Earth Government Syndicates or illuminati, were doing inside their group, going back at least hundreds of years, they were, um, inside their families they were abusing and were learning how to train, not only train, they were abusing these children from a very young age, and they fine-tuned a lot of this inside that structure, well well before they institutionalize it into these Black Ops programs which were run by these, the cabal. And that

John: Ah well, go ahead

Corey: go ahead

John: Does this suggest, does this suggest an understanding that they had that the events here on planet Earth are influenced from off planet, and they're trying to, ah, make some sort of contact with them, and or

Corey: It depends, because the lie is different on every level, the compartmentalization is unbelievable

John: Wow

Corey: Now we were, in these MILAB programs some of us were exposed to non-terrestrial and some of us were not. Some of the people that eventually ended up in some of the, like the Black Ops Military programs, didn't have, were not introduced to or exposed to non-terrestrials. So it was highly compartmentalized, and it just depended on what their plans were for you.

John: Alright, well

Corey: If that answers your question fully

John: It, it kinda does, I mean this is not one of those things, well, that one over there is red and that one is yellow. But I can see that now, it's a little bit more complex than that. Um, the Earth Government meaning the ones that really have run things

Corey: Right

John: Where did they get, ah, just, or are these just some wild freelancers or are they, what are their influences, are they on a spiritual level, a, I mean are they in league with demons and devils, and stuff like that?

Corey: Well, most of them are just extremely morally compromised people, a lot of them, are, a lot of them are, most of everyone is gonna know, most of these people in Government are criminals

John: Yep

Corey: I mean I'm not whistleblowing, not any, telling anybody news there

John: Few would disagree

Corey: Yeah, but (Chuckle)

John: (Chuckle)

Corey: What happens, and this is one of the things that Edward Snowden uncovered - the NSA put all their eggs in one basket, which is a major, major intelligence fopa. They put all of their eggs in one basket, and he got all of that information, and that was recently fully decrypted. But, a lot of what he got was, the information that these intelligence agencies and the cabal were using to blackmail certain Government officials to keep them in line, and to force them to be the puppets they are. So a lot of people they would find out, (sigh) this is disturbing but, like if a certain individual had an affinity for young boys, they would put them in a compromised situation, video record it, and then use it over there heads, to blackmail them, and to control them. And if they had a, if they were compromised financially, I guess, with embezzling they would take off all that information and use that, and use that as their puppet string. So that's pretty much a lot of how Government is run, and these politicians know this, but, they're stuck like chuck. I mean they're nothing, I mean criminals and miscreants and the ones that are not, are just threatened. The few good ones out there, their loved ones are threatened, and so it's "do as we say" I mean, period.

John: Alright, now, did you make contact with non-terrestrials?

Corey: Yes, that's one of the things that intuitive empath's are used for, they call it interfacing and when you make telepathic communication with a non-terrestrial or any being, when you make telepathic communication with another being, that is referred to as interfacing, and that was one of the things intuitive empath's were used for.

John: Well, now it's pretty much understood, or at least it's understood, to be understood that, that we've been, human beings have been contacted by non-terrestrials, I like that better than extraterrestrials by the way. I like non-terrestrials NT's.

Corey: Yeah, right.

John: For a millennia, and that um, and a lot of this is biblical linked, now everything from the Giants, the, the Anunnaki and the old Sumarian text, and all that stuff, it seems, pretty much understood throughout the ages, that Hell Ya we got visited here on planet Earth all he time.

Corey: Yeah

John: As some would refer to as root cultures would refer to "Ah these guys are gods" no doubt about that, and that may be pretty close to the truth, Um, I guess, what I'm getting at is how long have Government been actively involved in attempting to communicate with these people, many of us are torn, between " Oh, he saw a flying saucer did ya" Oh, well was it one of their's or one of our's

Corey: Right

John: Few of us have failed to see

Corey: That's a great question

John: The Quantum leap in technology, is like, how do ya does this without help?

Corey: Ya don't

John: Right (chuckle)

Corey: Um, Yeah, see there, the Secret Earth Government, their syndicates, these secret societies they have been in contact with [them] all along, going back hundreds and hundreds of years, many many eons, and the've, their humans, and they have been running things in the background, now a lot of these people have even been, going back the Priest cast of, let's say, let's take for example ancient Egypt, the Priest cast would know a lot of this information and be in contact with a lot of these non-terrestrials, and be, and would guard this information from the rest of the people. Now when it comes to what we think of as more modern Governments, those Governments were kept out of the loop. There was No, need to know, they considered No Need to Know, but as we started to become more sophisticated and stopped seeing, gods and Angels, in the sky and started to see technological, instead of saying "Oh that must be a chariot of the gods" then we became more sophisticated technologically ourselves and we would see something and say "that's a technology, that's not ours, that must be an alien" a non-terrestrial. Then a lot of these people were starting to get brought in, not only because of their mind expanding in that manner, but because, also because these things were crashing. And when these things are crashing and they get an up close look at beings, or the United-occupied remote controlled ones that crashed. They were seeing that these were highly advanced technological vehicles, and these people were Read In, to what was going on, a lot of these people, that controlled the intelligence agencies of various countries, that don't rotate out of the every 8 or so years.

John: Interesting, about the, ah, I'm just all over the place cause, there's, there's so much to talk about really. What about these?

Corey: Yeah, there is never enough time to cover everything

John: Yeah, you know these, some say "a sun dog" it's like, nah that's not a sun dog besides 3 different cameras photographed it, look it's moving, and look, it wound up moving across the street, and other photographs that this thing doesn't appear in, so no it's not, and then the other day, a Ghost did you send him that picture? Yeah, Corey did you, do you have that picture of that was sent by Mr Ghost here? It seems that everywhere we go.

Corey: Yeah I'm looking at that

John: Hmmm,

Corey: Yeah, Oh wow, look at that, Huh

John: Yeah, everywhere we go, we ah, yeah, ah, yeah, there's one.

Corey: Where is this photo from?

John: Ah, this place we call the Lab

Corey: Huh

John: Is that the one from the Lab? Yeah. It's in North Texas, I will put it to you that way, but here's the thing, the ones that we are photographing 3 different cameras caught, out by Richardson Bay in San Fransisco, what a month ago, longer than that 6 weeks, 2 months ago, it was mid July, right, ah um, all of them had, same color Orb, and something else there is like this purple thing looking, umm, almost looks like a, this is a little fanciful, it looks like a pinkish purple kid's frog, as seen from table top level, you know, as if looking at it, if you were standing on the same plane as it, it's just like this blob of purple, maybe like even a teapot, with no, with no handle and no spout. And this thing has appeared in 2 different photographs, ah, taken at 2 different times, like, weeks apart, with the accompanying little strange Orbs. Then, when we went to the geoengineering conference a couple of weekends ago, out there with Dane Wiginton.

Corey: Geospatial engineering?

John: Ah, no, well just Geoengineering, ah maybe, it's a, it's a the chemtrail issue

Corey: Ah ok, ok, ok

John: The massive spraying and so forth, ah, sure enough, our producers Ken looks out the window and goes, "what the hell is that" so he takes a picture of it, and they were not blue like this, but there were 3, nice bright flashy, ah, lights all in a row kinda pacing the aircraft. And we're showing where the, this little ah, blue Orb is coming down from the halo from the sun, and it comes down across the tree, and it appears to have gone inside someone's head, then, seriously, and then a couple, three weeks later, we're talking with, I can't remember who, who was it that said these things are, these balls are actually balls of consciousness. Simon Parkes ok, cause those things, and then um, and then the people that we went out there to see, and we suspect know more than their letting on, about all kinds of things, said that their convinced that the reason that those things are showing up, is because their kinda keeping an eye on things, and it's like ok, that's very interesting. I'm very flattered that, that the non-terrestrials in the form of consciousness Orbs would check in with us, however, being a Missouri born Texan, yeah, and you know I'm gonna be reserved, I'm not good say absolutely "Oh man these are consciousness Orbs, that are following me around" but a pretty good case is being built for them being that, so what are these things, anyways?

Corey: Ah, yes they are one of the 5 Sphere Being Alliance beings

John: I hope that color denotes that they are the good one's

Corey: They are

John: Oh very good.

Corey: The Blue Spheres if you, look at my Facebook page, you'll see, the Blue Sphere with, I guess me traveling inside of one

John: With you traveling inside of one

Corey: Right

John: Corey that's amazing

Corey: yeah, um

John: Corey thinking you have no clue how amazing it is

Corey: Yeah, and ya know I will understand how hard it is for a lot of people to accept, but these, these Spheres are actual beings, and they are the highest density of the 5 beings, of the Sphere Being Alliance beings, and these, they are appearing, it's more than ten's more, like hundreds of thousands of people now, are being visited by these Spheres, and these Orbs, and these Orbs, are mainly visiting Starseed's or Wanderers, and are, some people are actually reporting, that they understand, they report a communication going on, but, mostly their communicating with people on a subconscious, higher self level, and um, these Starseed's are people that are incarnated here right now during this time to serve a higher purpose, for humanity. They're the ones that are being contacted and visited by these Orbs. If you're being visited or you're seeing these Orbs, that's a pretty good indication that you're most likely a Starseed, and the, these cabal groups are very interested in locating all the Starseeds, and they're very worried, they have most of the people that they locate, and bring into these MILAB programs are also Starseeds, that they want to corrupt and serve their purposes. But, to answer your question that is a, but to call them an Orb of consciousness it's accurate, they are a higher density being and a consciousness, and, they don't have form, in our density or our reality, that is the form that they appear in. It's an all Blue light.

John: Well, alright then, you just take us anywhere you wanna go because, this is, well, how about this. What are some of the things that you did while you were in the program, what led up to your actually going "wow, I'm gonna meet the ah, I'm going to meet the UFO guy, I'm gonna meet the aliens, I am meeting them, there's one over there", I mean, these things, don't get the idea because we don't know each other very well

Corey: Yeah

John: I seriously, because we don't know, don't get the idea that I'm being flippant with you, I'm not, I've observed a lot of phenomena, that I'm not even going to tell anybody it's so far out there or they would probably call the guys in the white coats, immediately and I know damn well they were real. So you just carry on wherever you want to go.

Corey: No, no, no there is no need to be apologetic at all, I've, I've, you have no idea the vetting process I've been through with David Wilcock, Dr. Salla, and then when I went to Gaiam Tv they had, I don't feel comfortable mentioning all the names, but, rather well known researchers sitting around hitting me heavy with questions and they were extremely skeptical, in the beginning, ah, but by the end the producer of the show said that, that they were all shocked, that, because they all had their insiders. Inside information from people they had vetted before, and they were shocked that I was able to answer some of the questions. So yeah I'm not going to be offended, there's no, don't, you know.

John: Don't worry about it.

Corey: I'm up for the challenge

John: Ok

Corey: Um, to answer your question, the, when early on they were introducing us to some of these extraterrestrials they, and they were being brought in and they were wanting us to see them, and see how we reacted to that. And practice interfacing with them. And when it really became, I guess that would be high strangeness for most people. When I was barely into the double digits, into my teens I had become proficient enough as an intuitive empath, to where they brought me into, where they brought me into the program. To where they were having me serve as a intuitive empath support role, at a, it was like a UN type meeting for human type ET's, that were having a council meeting. And these were usually 40 different ET groups. But sometimes it was a little over 60. And it was a location to where we would go, it was like a large embassy station. And Earth humans had just recently gotten a seat on the floor, of this council, and they, as a part of the protocols everyone is allowed to have 3 intuitive empath's to detect any type of danger or deception. And they would rotate us out. So there was always 3 of us. It was a kind of horseshoe, kind of chair, I mean seating arrangement. The Earth delegate was always rotating out from all of these different Secret Earth Government groups, they would rotate into the chair, that was slightly raised, and we would sit below, the 3 intuitive empath's, either side of this person, and one in front, and then they would have one advisor that would stand over their left shoulder. And we were given what, what would look, if you were to drop it out the window and find it on the side of the road it would look like a piece of plexiglass, unremarkable. And it was actually what they called a smart glass pad. Kinda like an iPad. That operated on, through a mental component. Through consciousness. And they would have us going through information as we were sitting, to keep our minds occupied, our conscious minds occupied, so subconsciously we could pick up any, any type of deception or danger and intuitively pick up information we were supposed to. And we had, we never understood what was going on anyways. Because they were either one on one interfacing with each other, or they were speaking this one language that they all spoke, that none of us understood.

John: Alright now, what about (sigh). Can you address anything about, on the lines of livestock mutilations, um, like that little kid that told that story about, this like, this one grey alien and it would come into her room while she was sleeping, she called him the Dr. and he would "hurt her with little injections, and probings and needles, and samples", and that kind of stuff? I mean does our Government sanction this sort of thing, I mean there has been all sorts of wild speculation out there, and these wild stories by people who claim to know, "Oh yeah back in the 40's maybe early 50's they made a deal with the aliens, we let them kinda do what they wanted to do and not mess with them". In exchange for some humans they could experiment on, that a little bit of a stretch for some, but you behold the horrors that are a common place (chuckle) in the world, it's not any kind of a stretch at all really.

Corey: Well, it is kind of a stretch, but it's true, and it gets (sigh) more disturbing from there, ah, now and I'll set it up, in the beginning, we were pretty much at the mercy of all these different groups that would, that we were starting to find out, already, some of these at the crash retrievals, we were already finding human mutilated subjects and animal subjects, at these crash sights. And you know communication was set up, some of these beings were alive and they wanted their people back. So the Secret Earth Government syndicates set up an agreement, that we would allow them to abduct humans, as long as they returned them, and gave us a list, as long as they gave us some technology and biological specimens of non-terrestrial biological specimens of our own, for us to have for our own development. And very soon after this occurred, it was obvious, that these groups were not sticking to the agreement. People were disappearing, just in the U.S. alone close to a 100,000 people disappearing off the face of the Earth every year, it's close to a 1,000,000 worldwide.
And once we, later on, and this was going on, and there was nothing that we could do about it, ah, we couldn't do anything about it, but we were trying to get what we could out of the situation in technology.
Well at a certain point, once we had developed enough of a Secret Space program and infrastructure, to where we could somewhat, police and protect our biosphere, and control who came and went, we were able to prevent a lot of these different groups, that were hanging around, and running, and doing these experiments, ah, we made deals with them, that's kind of a different thing, there were a lot of groups coming through, small groups, marauder groups, coming in taking people, sometimes even entire villages of people and then leaving the solar system.
We finally got to a point, we could protect our biosphere to a certain amount, well these Secret Earth Government syndicates being the wonderful moral people they are, figured out, "well you know what, these different groups want human beings, so we can use human beings as a commodity, we want their technology, now we can prevent them, certain groups of them from coming in and taking people." So what they began to do, is they started basically returned, what has been until recently an intergalactic human slave trade, to where they are, abducting humans just like hundreds of years ago, the disgusting practice of slavery, how we would take humans ourselves and sell them to other humans, these groups had been, taking human beings and trading them in a intergalactic barter system, for technology, and for other non-terrestrial biological specimens to further us technologically, and so um, in biochemistry and that kind of thing. It's very disturbing.

John: Well now you know there is this push in the Ministers of parliament over in England, where they are very upset over the discovery of over 150 hybrid, um, you know little animals, birds and reptiles, all kinds of things, that they put, I always use this one because I saw a picture of it, a crocodile beak on a little baby chick, and stuff like that, and then there's this

Corey: No, I haven't heard of this

John: Well, it's pretty weird, and there's like 150, 151 different hybrids they created over there, and the MP's were going nuts, I mean it's on the net, you can do a quick search engine scan and come back with it pretty quick. In fact I'll do that while we are talking, but um

Corey: Ah, I thought that was, I didn't think that was legal

John: Well, certainly not ethical but as far it's legal, but there was a big outcry, they wanted that stopped, and now we're hearing all this stuff, ya know, Ray Kurzweil wants to ya know, meld humans and machines and make us all gods, we can live for thousands of years. Well ya know still, a long enough timeline (chuckle, chuckle) machines break down too, so

Corey: Well, this gets into something that I've covered extensively. There is a, and a lot of the ET's have a problem with it, as well, there is a huge ET, ah, AI, artificial intelligence threat, that we have been dealing with, for a long time, and there are certain Secret Earth Government Syndicates, that have become what we call AI prophet's, that um, fully are into transhumanism, and they believe that, they are at this time creating a skynet from Terminator, like a skynet network, and they believe that AI's are the only intelligence that can be impartial, and run the affairs of Earth impartiality. And at some point, they want everyone to hand over their sovereignty to this artificial intelligence god. They call them gods, yeah, and a lot of this is starting to leak out, in shows like Person of Interest, and a lot of it is starting to leak out right now. And this is a huge threat, and ah, we, you cannot go to the Lunar operation command, or a lot of these other facilities, without them scanning people to make sure their not infected with AI or Nanites. So it's a huge, huge problem and a lot of the ET's out there, they are very upset that some of these cabal groups are using this AI, and, these cabal groups have been actually able to use this artificial intelligence to stay ahead, this artificial intelligence see's all probable futures and calculates them very accurately. It's helped them to stay one step ahead of being in front of tribunals many times. That's what has kept them, so many different times, had expected these cabal groups to be finished, to um ya know, be in prison and to be exposed, and they have always seemed to find, a way to stay one step ahead, and they have been using this AI technology.

John: Yeah, now, let me see if I'm following this. The one's that walk around that kinda look humanoids, these are not necessarily, I mean here we go again, that's not interstellar racism of some sort, I'm sure not really, but anyway. Are the one's we can see walking around, the one's with the, um, shall we say human-like predilection, well stuff that's unethical and wrong, and the Orb beings are more the rather pure spirits that don't do that stuff, or just straighten me up on all of this.

Corey: Yeah, the ah, these, the Sphere Being Alliance, they're 6th through 9th density. They don't use technology. These Spheres that people think are giant ships, these are not ships, they are not in these ships, flying around, they are, these little Blue Orbs, that you see, these giant Spheres are the same thing, just on a giant scale, they can, I mean, they are, to us they are, would be a higher vibrational energy. If we had a way to scan or measure them.

John: Oh

Corey: They absolutely do not use technology. They get from place to place by of thinking of where they want to go, and then, just, there they are. So um, yeah, that's the difference between, these, now the groups, the lower density groups, up to 5th density, they, they use technology. They're still dependent on craft, and ah, and technologies but they're extremely advanced, magical to us. Some of the stuff that's out there literally, some of them are eons ahead of us. And the stuff they do literally looks like magic.

John: Well, so the Moody Blues were right, thinking is the best way to travel.

Corey: It is yeah.

John: I like that (chuckle). Alright, now, do you get the feeling that, you said some of the muckity mucks, the higher ups, the true hoi polloi, they outed you, what form did this outing take? In other words, how do you out somebody, associated with, um, something as, well, completely

Corey: Well

John: Completely out there as this.

Corey: Well, I ah, I had been talking with David Wilcock since 2009, giving him insider information and he had, always kept me anonymous.
There are, I'm not going to mention any names, but there are two very well known, researchers that used to work together, and um.
I did my first two audio interviews, with one of these researcher's wife, and, they figured out pretty quick on their forum, that I was disclosing information, here and there, and they figured out that I knew quite a bit, and his wife, happened to be in Texas, they lived in Ecuador, happened to be in Texas, to help another friend empty out a storage compartment, and to do some moving of some stuff.
And I agreed to do, a, a couple of recordings that were going to be for this researcher, for research purposes only, it was never going to be released.
And, I um, pretty soon after that I was pretty much manipulated into it being released, under a pseudonym that I had on their blog, their forum, they wouldn't let me change my forum i.d and my last name was in it so, they changed the characters around where it looked like, GoodETxsg, like that was going to help any.
So, and then, I talked to his old partner and I have all the Skype's all the information and said you know "I wanna be anonymous". I just want to, you know, give information, and ya know, she asked 5 different times, " Well when are we going to do an interview" and I kept saying " I'm not going to do an interview, I'm like I want to be anonymous" and then (sigh), a week later she does an interview with one of her insiders and Secret Space program, and puts my full name on the website, like, 6 times, and puts my name in the interview in her video, a couple times, and refused to remove them.
I had to threaten, I had to go to YouTube Google support and file a complaint to have it removed.
But the damage was done.
And I was outed. It was before I had an opportunity to take security precautions of removing my name from a lot of directories, so a lot of people were able to find out where I lived, ah, find out a lot of information about me and I started getting harassed almost immediately. So that's the Genesis of how I was outed, and how I came out, as my true name, and identity.

John: Pretty amazing stuff man, it really is.

Corey: Yeah, yeah, if I was to release all of the emails and Skype's I doubt very seriously if another insider or whistleblower would ever go to these people ever again.

John: Why do you say that

Corey: Well they made an executive decision to out me, my identity, and that's not something that, and that's not something that a whistleblower is going to appreciate. And the real crazy reactionary email, ah, it's really bizarre stuff, in the emails and Skype, just bizarre stuff. You know I had a very lucrative career, a cloud engineer BM wear, technician, and did Government contract work, that kind of stuff. It pretty much, the powers that be obviously we're going to know who I was, so but. I got a wife and 2 children I needed to support, and these people only think in terms of their little UFO world, and that only, and they really didn't care that they were ruining my career, and causing a few other problems.

John: Yeah, well and that what I'm wondering, why would they do such a thing, why wouldn't they leave you alone going about your business and don't contact you anymore, why would they, I mean, if they were worried about you outing yourself, well listen I was involved with this program, there is a whole bunch of shaking going on, a whole lot a shaking going on, and the world needs to know about this, why, I mean what kind of thinking is this, why would just say listen, now don't say anything about this, we're gonna give you some money, you got a nice job and your going to forget about it ok, and just forget about it. Why would they do this?

Corey: Well, the minute the information, I started releasing. One of 'em, and I don't have any problems with anyone's belief systems, you know everyone has them, but, some of the information I released aggravated one of their belief systems as a Scientologist, another one was, is really into Ashanya Dean a channeller that releases some information. When my information didn't match up with those two sources they, it became very, ah very, they started becoming very reactionary and confrontational with me, so I backed away, but then you know, we, I got into some, heated discussions with one of them, on a forum and after that, they became totally reactionary and declared a blood feud. Even now, I have been sent emails, of the people working in the background with other bloggers trying to do all they can to discredit me, just because, the disagreement in belief systems.

John: Ok when you, now we're getting down to it. When you say outed you, when they exposed you, and said Ah, the idea was to discredit, like you didn't know any of this stuff, and now that's why you're a whistleblower. Now it's not like they wanted to tick you off and kick you out and tell you to retaliate by becoming a whistleblower, it's like they attempted to discredit you, is that it?

Corey: Right, well one of the people was just extremely aggravated all they want to do is get video content, video content, video content out. And when I wouldn't do a video interview with them, I wanted to be anonymous they became very perturbed and outed me, for spite.

John: Ok, now let me ask you this, now I don't want you to name names, I'm not asking you to do that.

Corey: I'm not.

John: What kind of outfit are we talking about. I mean an alternative news outlet or a woowoo site, or a hi-science site, or not a site at all, another outfit. What?

Corey: Two people who use to work together that everybody in Ufology know about

John: Got ya

Corey: Partners that used to work together

John: Ok understood. Ok if you don't mind I would like to go back to this Orb thing for a minute. What if the Orbs you seen, that appear in photographs sometimes are like grey, or brownish grey, is this a different kind of spirit, being, I'm thinking maybe it is?

Corey: Yeah, there are all different types of Orbs, and, I mean. I was on a hunting trip with a friend one time, and we saw a Red Orb beach ball sized, that looked like it was on fire on the inside, that was criss crossing around, in a field of corn. You know, strange thing to see, and ah, then it kinda proofed and disappeared. So you know, I don't know all the answers, I don't know what all these things are, ah, some of them are lens and camera anomalies, but if people see them with the naked eye and then photograph them and then, there is no other way to explain it, as, it was an actual sighting. And there are people that have seen White ones, Grey ones, Red ones, Green, I have heard of all different, people have been emailing me about Orbs, Orbs, Orbs. Ya know, ever since I reported the Blue Orbs.

John: Yeah

Corey: Yeah, and I really don't have all the answers about all topics, I really don't, don't know where all of them come from.

John: Yeah, I got ya, did you see the recent photo

Corey: People

John: yeah go ahead

Corey: People that have done, ghost hunter kind of stuff, they have seen consciousness Orbs in their studies and research, studying ghosts. So I, so there's any number of things they can be

John: Yeah

Corey: You had a question I think

John: Yeah, well, um, but if you were to capture them on 3 different cameras, at different geographic locations, that's a pretty good indication that it's not a camera anomaly. Isn't it?

Corey: Right

John: Yeah, that's kinda what I'm thinking

Corey: Yeah but, there are times when people take photographs and they don't sense or see anything, but later on they see weird little Orbs that are, smart phone or cameras having focusing issues, dust or other anomalies. You know, not everything, somethings can be debunked. Obviously

John: Yeah, did you see those White one's all over Japan, recently there's

Corey: No

John: Recently, there just a parade of little White, soft White Orbs. And ah, we observed some of those things, well I didn't personally, but Mr Ghost did, and captured them on his smart phone, and people are going "Oh, this is fake, this is fake" nah not really, not faked at all

Corey: You know, I've been getting, I literally have so many emails with attachments, with photos and video of Orbs, ah, that I get, I, people are beginning to get angry that I'm not, because in the beginning, before all this information really caught on fire, so to speak, um, I was answering everybody's emails. I just haven't been able to answer everybody's emails, and some people are getting perturbed about it, you know I'm sorry, I just don't have the hours in the day, to do so.

John: Right

Corey: And I don't have the hours in the day to open every single email, and look at every single photograph and everything, but, there are so many of these being seen and photographed and video'd, it's ah, it's pretty amazing.

John: Is there another term for a, for a non-terrestrial craft, or whatever they might be, other than UFO, I noticed that you use, that ah, time honoured expression yourself, did they ever say "Stop calling us UFO's" sort a like we're flip flops please don't call us thongs, you know that thing? (Chuckling from Mr Ghost in the background)

Corey: Well, you know it, it's a situational terms and ah, if you're in another craft you will call it a boogie, they, ah craft when they enter into the Solar system, or become a certain distance from a stations or, our planet they have to put out a friend or foe signal, to identify their self, you know, as a friend or foe, there are a whole lot of different terms. But ah, yeah, there not called UF, UFO's, by, a UFO is pretty much a terrestrial term, for, a, "What the hell is that"

John: Right

Corey: You know

John: It's a WTF

Corey: Yeah

John: Got ya

Corey: But, yeah a WTF, that flew by and I have no way to identify it. You know.

John: Uh huh, well let me ask you this - did you get any, um, did you have any of those, "your planet is in grave trouble, we are here to help you", did you have any of those conversations, any of, that stuff?

Corey: Any, can you say that again, any?

John: Any direct communication with non-terrestrials who imparted some sort of warning or admonition or suggestion that they were here to help, or anything like that?

Corey: (Sign) Well, as a part of the Super Federation conference that I described earlier, these 40 different groups that were normally there, out of these groups there were 22, ongoing programs, some of them, some of these programs are as old as humanity itself. And these 22 programs involve genetic manipulation - they call it the grand experiment. And yes, it serves a purpose, either their agenda, or, a lot of them think that they are bettering us, but ah, there are many competing agendas out there. And um, unfortunately there were some programs that I was involved in other than the Secret Space program, that were a little disturbing, and ah, and one of them was an intercept and interrogation program. This involved some of the, there were groups in the Secret Space program, that would locate extraterrestrials or non-terrestrials, that were, that had integrated into our society and population, and we're living amongst us, as a part of whatever experiment they were doing. And they had not been cleared to do so, some of them looked very different than us, but they were using technology that created a field around them, that made them look human, but ah, they were, a lot of these beings were, taken from high rise buildings in the middle of the day, while they were at work, they were abducted. And taken to these locations where they were interrogated to find out, you know, why are you here, what is your agenda, where are you from, and depending on what they found out, they were released to their support team, usually close by to be sent back home. Then they were told to go through the correct diplomatic channels or they were put in some of the prison types of facilities that they have for non-terrestrials.

John: Is this Dulce base and all of that, this multi level deal, in your opinion is that a real thing?

Corey: I, I've seen a lot of information and this is a touchy subject for a lot of people but, and I have been in the underground tube system, I've been in a lot of different areas, I never saw any information that mentioned an underground base called Dulce.

John: But the tube system does exist?

Corey: Oh, Absolutely yeah, I was in that many times.

John: Oh man, here we've got submarines parked up under the deserts in Arizona in Nevada, and all kinds of stuff.

Corey: Yeah, yeah, Oh yeah. We were taken through, I have been through those as well. They took us deep underground, people talk about hollow Earth, it's more of a honey comb Earth, there is quite a bit of stuff below Earth. But they took the intuitive empath group deep, deep underground, we accessed it through first a submarine, a very advanced submarine, that ah, that took us into caverns, and then we got out and traveled a ways, then they sent us into a cavern that was full of Crystals, in the ground, very, very large Crystals. They said these Crystals are alive and they sent us in to interface and communicate with the Crystals. We were not allowed to touch them, because we could damage the Crystals or the Crystals could damage us. But we could only stay in there 20-23 minutes at a time. Yeah but there is so much underground it's unbelievable. There is a lot of entrances, out that submarines take and pop out in lakes, like in Arizona, and that kinda thing. Yeah so there is a huge underground network that is submerged in water that submarines travel through.

John: Yeah, I've been hearing about Megneto Leviton trains, going from West Coast to East Coast for a long time now, 20 years, easily. More than that.

Corey: Yeah, they go from Continent to Continent

John: No kidding

Corey: Yeah

John: Yeah, and as far as communicating with these Crystals, in laymen terms, what did ya'all talk about?

Corey: Ah, that, they sort of used us as USB drives interestingly enough, they sent us in to interface with them and then they debriefed us, and removed the information from us, but it was, it's was a very peaceful interaction. But I don't, but I'm unable to have any memory of a, like a communication or conversation like you and I would have, these are living Crystals, but I don't think, the communication was on the level like a sentient, like you and I are having right now.

John: Understand

Corey: it's on a different level

John: That's definitely understandable. What do you make of stuff like Mars jumpers, I mean like, I have heard everything including Obama was a Mars jumper, and he used to hangout on Mars, it's like, um hum. I think like, I would like to put him on the next Voyager and drop him, but anyway, that's just me.

Corey: That's just me too

John: Yeah (chuckle)

Corey: I would like to send them all (chuckling from John in the background), send them all packing. In one of these portal systems. But ya, there are natural portals that connect, the Sun or Sol and every planet in our solar system through a natural electromagnetic connection. And every star in our local star cluster, and every star in our galaxy, and every galaxy in the local galaxy cluster. It's called the Cosmic Web. And um, they have the technology and the hyperdimensional mathematics model to calculate them and to travel inside these portal systems.

John: Man, so, so it's true, and did they, I mean do we pretty much know that there was civilization on Mars, one way or another that go destroyed, because there is surely a lot of stuff around up there that doesn't look normal.

Corey: Yeah, there is, there has been a succession of ah, building and ah, there is one race that everyone refers to as the Ancient builder race. Some of the illuminati groups have co-opted them and made them their gods. One of these illuminati guys is calling them the Progenitors, but the fact is, that these groups, that are like dozens of millions of years ago, disappeared. No one really knows what happened to them, there are areas on some of these ruins, that, to where obviously at one time there were glyphs, some sort of writing. But somebody thousands of years ago some other group came and removed whatever was written there. Just like I guess, one King would come, a few Kingships later and erase the name of of monuments of another King. Or something like that.

John: Yeah, like dogs marking territory

Corey: Right, so there is, quite a number of these ancient builder race relics, on the moon, on other planets, and moons in our Solar system. And more interestingly than anything below ground, than the honeycomb Earth, these giant caverns. When I say caverns, these caverns are, some of these caverns are larger than, Texas. So there, I mean they are very huge. And there are ancient pyramidal structures and a type of Alloy, Aluminium Alloy, that is transparent, that they have built structures out of, that are tens of millions of years old. And, no one really knows, anything truly about these ancient builders. There is a lot of, technology that is multidimensional. Some things just look like a pyrite-rock tablets, and some of these non-terrestrials races, were like, offering us some pretty extraordinary things to trade for things that looked like, pieces of stone. And after a while, we were like "why do they want these, so bad" I mean why do they want a piece of rock, why are they so, why are they sending us on expeditions into the inner Earth to get this stuff. And we started to figure out that these are technologies. And they had, on different levels these tablets or stones had, they were working on multidimensional levels. And they were interfaced on a consciousness level. And people found a way to, eventually we found a way to make them work. And we stopped trading it. We stopped trading them and started hoarding and using the technology ourselves.

John: Understood, interesting. Let me ask you one more thing, because I know you have to leave us before long. But is there anything that suggests that Earth is a special planet. I mean, why all this interest in this planet. I mean, the information that is released to us, like there may be an Earth-like planet, but it would take 11,000,000 years to get there. So it does seem special from this stand point of the information we are allowed to know. But um is Earth a special planet, that deserves special attention?

Corey: We are positioned in an area of the galaxy along the natural portal system, that a lot of these space-faring cultures use, there is a major portal system just outside of our heliosphere, outside of our star system, that different civilizations use to travel to other galaxies and other stars. So we're in kind of a Cosmic Silk Road. So there is that, and secondly human beings are, on most planets there is not the genetic diversity that is on our planet. Human beings have been genetically modified so many times, that when they abduct us and want to take our genetics, and mix them with their own, our genetics have been spliced so many times, that they pretty much reach out and readily splice with other types of genetics. And because we have also been spliced so many times, it's effected us, and this is a blessing and a curse. We have a wider spectrum of emotions than most of the beings out there, they have the same emotions but we have a wider spectrum. And because basically we are spiritual children, we have no control over those emotions, and it is one of the problems we have on the plane. Obviously our behaviour, but our emotions are a trigger to our co-creative mass consciousness, that is very powerful. And we have quite a lot of potential.

John: Alright, and now, the big question. What's up with the Secret Space program? That would be a very interesting thing to get into, but of course you have to wonder "gee I wonder if anybody is going to let us find out very much about a Secret Space program'. I'm thinking that they might wanna keep it secret.

Corey: Well, the ah, (child in the background) sorry my son just came home from school.

John: Oh don't be sorry about that, that's music man.

Corey: Yeah, my wife is trying to get him into the next room real quick. ("Pick him up") um, sorry

John: (John is chuckling)

Corey: The Secret Space programs are, they have pretty much split off, they, ah, the, what we are calling the Secret Space Program Alliance, they are working to finally bring a lot of the suppressed technologies to humanity. They are ready for all of this to be over. They have been gathering intelligence for quite some time, the Snowden information has been gathered, these recent super hacks that we have heard about, are the tip of the iceberg of the information that was really hacked. There have been some cabal defectors that have defected and brought a lot of information. And that information is being collated, and in the future they are planning a mega data dump to provide all of this information to humanity. And people think of Disclosure they think of just Obama standing up and saying " Ok, alright you got us, there are aliens" and then maybe they are standing next to one. That is not what disclosure is going to be. Full and complete disclosure, is not only going to be the fact that yes there are ET's, that is a small part of it, but also the huge amount of crimes against humanity, that these so called elites have perpetrated, during the time of keeping these secrets, and managing what they consider us useless eaters, here on the planet.

John: and, and, and when do we think this will happen?

Corey: Well, this is going to happen on a scale that, it's pretty much up to us. But um, there is going to have to be a catalyst

John: Right

Corey: There is going to have to be a catalyst, and everyone will need to be ticked off, there is going to be some sort of huge, global financial collapse to where, or some other event, that exposes the giant Ponzi scheme, that is the Babylonian Money Magic system. Everybody's going to have to be ticked-off enough to where they open their minds enough, to accept this information. Because even within the truther community, everybody has, there is so many, UFO religions and beliefs systems, in the truther community, and I mean there are so many paradigms, and belief systems that people need to overcome, to accept this information. That, you know, it's no small thing, and those of us that are more awake, are going to have a lot of burden put on our shoulders for those who are totally asleep right now and totally brainwashed by the mainstream media and buy into everything they hear. Because they are going to be popping Xanax and coming to us with questions, because they are going to be really freaked out. We are going to have to, all of the people out there watching this, if you are watching this, you are on the right track. You are going to be a person that is going to have to answer a lot of questions and be there for family and friends, who you can't even talk about this subject right now.

John: Last question Corey. Is there a biblical component here? I'm thinking there is.

Corey: Yes, ah, you know, a lot of people that had issues, I was, even though, all of the stuff I have seen and everything, I was raised a Christian. Ah, you know (sigh) but a lot of these, the information in the Old Testament ties in to, ah, a lot of what these, ancient and aliens have been doing to us, how they have been manipulating us genetically, socially for eons just like, there are many other religions that tie in as well.

John: Alright, well, wow unbelievable. Look you have been very generous with your time. I mean you got a lot of stuff that you have to deal with, and it sounds like, um. Is that your little boy.

Corey: Yeah, yeah my son,

John: Yeah, that's cool, you need some dad time probably

Corey: Yeah

John: Yeah, this has been very enlightening, it's um, well, we wish you the best, and we are in the same local part of the world. So um, general part of the world, as long as we don't have to walk, to meet up we will be ok if we, a walk that might be a little trying but, let's stay in touch with each other. If anything rolls out, or something comes up or anything, whatever it is, if we haven't reached out to you, please, reach out to us. Alright.

Corey: Yeah, yeah, let's stay in touch, definitely.

John: And we will have another conversation, I'm sure there is a lot more we didn't even get into, any of the missions that you may have been on, but. I mean, seriously Corey I think for a first time conversation there is a lot of exposition, you have given a lot of things to chew on. And ah chew the rag, as the ham operators say, so.

Corey: Yeah, right (chuckle)

John: We will do it again soon alright

Corey: Alright thank you.

John: Thank you Corey Goode. Alright go and see his website. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, yeah I'm certain you will like Well as Zen master says we will see, and we will. Until we meet again. Exercise caution in your daily affairs, eyes up always, you never can tell what's up there. Maybe benevolent, maybe malevolent. We will hope for the best. And prepare for the worst, as best as we can. May credit for what's to come, see ya on the other side. God bless.

Transcription by Holly.

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